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Radhanath Swami On Parikshit Maharaj Expresses His Doubt

on July 30, 2012 in Mayapur Articles with 0 Comments

Parikshit Maharaj asked a similar question to Sukadeva Goswami. He said that, how is it possible that the residents of Vrindavan loved Krishna more than even their own children. Sukadev goswami told that because Krishna is the Paramatma, He is the life force in every living being. When the life force leaves the body no one is attracted to that body. Whenever attractiveness any spirit soul has is only because they are an insignificant, infinitesimal part and parcel of Krishna’s all attractive nature. So ultimately Krishna is the only object of every one’s love.

“Maya is when we don’t recognize a person’s connection to Krishna.”

Radhanath Swami

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