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Radhanath Swami on Significance of Diwali from Ramalila

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Diwali is the day when Lord Rama returned, after 14 years of exile, to Ayodhya. There are two important principles – Vipralamba and Sambhoga. In the advaitavada conception there is the neutral state of complete peace. But in Vrindavan, love between the Lord and His devotees is always increasing through union and separation.

When Lord Rama left Ayodhya all the residents were in absolute devastation. They could not live without Rama. So they all decided to go with Him, but Lord Rama convinced them to stay back. Later on, in Citrakut Bharata came to convince Rama to come back, but Lord Rama did not agree. On Bharat’s request Lord Rama gave His sandals and Bharata put them on the throne. Bharat lived for 14 years in Nandigram, in a thatched hut, eating only roots, leaves and barley soaked in cow urine. He cried day and night in separation of Lord Rama.

Finally after 14 years of exile Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya. Lord Rama first sent Hanuman to inform Bharat of His arrival. When Lord finally arrived in Nandigram, there was no limit to Bharat’s ecstasy. Everyone in Ayodhya was so happy upon receiving the news of Rama’s return. Rama went on a procession into Ayodhya and all the residents lit lamps to receive him. It was the lamps of their love, the flame of their gratitude and affection. After

14 years of not seeing Rama at all, these lamps represented their love that was blazing uncontrollably in their hearts after years of separation. Lord Ramachandra, was seeing each of those flames as the personification of the pure love of His devotees and He was reciprocating with unlimited joy. That is Diwali – Welcoming the Lord back into our life after so many countless lifetimes of separation.

“That is Diwali – welcoming the Lord back into our life after so many countless lifetimes of seperation.”

Actually the Lord never leaves His abode of Vrindavan or Ayodhya, neither He leaves our hearts; but unless we love Him we cannot feel His presence.

Radhanath Swami

Significance of Diwali from Ramalila

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