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Radhanath Swami On My First Day In Vrindavan

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Radhanath Swami

After more than a year of wandering in the forests of Himalayas, meditating in caves and meeting with mystic yogis and gurus and an unimaginable reunion with a dear old friend Radhanath swami set out on a journey to Amarnath. As their train moved out of the flooded paddy fields after two days of getting stuck, they got down at Mathura just to breathe some fresh air and stretch a bit. With unsuccessful attempts of getting back into the train they decided to spend the rest of the day in Mathura. And it was Janamashtami! The appearance day of Lord Sri Krishna! While deciding to meet his friend at the brhama ghat in Radhanath swami set out on a lone journey to Vrindavan.

The following is an excerpt from his book ‘The Journey Home’ where he describes his first day in vrindavan, which unknown to him at that point of time, was the beginning of all the vrindavan yatras that devotees from all the corners of the India and beyond attend and which also highlights Radhanath Swami’s fondness of the place and his love for it.

“When we arrived in the town of vrindavan, I asked him (the bus driver) where the river was, and he pointed the way.

A few steps later a farmer stood blocking my path, his palms pressed together in supplication. Gleefully, he exclaimed, “Welcome to vrindavan. Whoever comes here is Lord Krishna’s special guest.” Clasping my hands he effused, “I am a vrajabasi, a resident of vrindavan. It is my duty to make you happy. Let me arrange food and accommodation for you.

Thank you very much, but I’ll be happy to sleep on the bank of the river and beg for food.”, I said.

Casting his head down, he grew desperate. “Please accept my humble service. If you do not, how can I show myself before my Krishna?

His humility was too difficult to deny. I instantly loved this vrajbasi, feeling him to be a family member welcoming me home. He arranged my stay at the ashram of an old blind swami and departed.

That afternoon I left behind the crowded ashram to roam into one of the lush forests of vrindavan. As I walked, I pressed my feet into the soft, fine sands, strolling among ancient trees whose trunks swirled upwards, each cloaked with white, orange and yellow flowers and shining green leaves. A sweet lowing attracted my eyes to a herd of white cows grazing on the shrubs. With white glistening eyes, they gazed at me as if they had always known me. Strangely, I felt the same for them, I walked on. A startling protracted caw rang out, and I turned to see a peacock, the plumes of his brilliant tail fanned out and his iridescent neck, moving gracefully back and forth. Next, a deep resonant ‘mmm…’ drew me to a huge white bull that loped along the pathway chewing lazily on the scattered shrubs. Looking up into the trees, I saw a flock of bright green parrots with orange beaks and bright red eyes. They chattered to one another, took note of me and then soared off into the sky. Monkeys with brown fur, pink faces and green eyes swung from branch to branch like mischievous children, all the while screaming, “cheee cheee”. Through the treetops, I could hear rumbling of monsoon clouds. Perfume by blossoming flowers, the breeze carried a cool mist that caressed my skin.

But of all the lovely sights and sounds, it was the song of devotees chanting hymns that most lifted my heart. Small girls balanced clay water pots o their heads as they sang “Radhey Radhey”, and danced down the sandy pathway lined with forest, shrines, ashrams and thatched houses. I followed the children until we reached a clearing. There, I beheld the river Yamuna, winding with a gentle majesty through the forest.

Wooden row boats piled along, transporting ladies dressed in colorful saris, men with white turbans casually wrapped around their heads and talkative children whose skinny, restless legs splashed in the water. Lining the river bank were medieval domes of intricately carved red stones under which vrajbasis gathered for shelter from the sun and rain, all the while chanting Krishna’s names. As temple bells resounded in the distance, my heart swelled with surprise and gratitude. After more than a year of wandering I felt that I had finally found home again.

I saw a sadhu sitting in the hollow of a tree near the river bank whom, I was told, was a110 years old. He wore only a burlap loincloth and his matted hair wrapped his head like a crown. His aged face drooped with folds of skin and he had to lift his heavy eyelids with his fingers in order to see. With a stroke of the hand, he beckoned me. I soon discovered that he was a mauni baba, one who has taken a vow never to speak, and his only means of communication was a piece of broken slate and a clump of chalk. As I squatted down beside him, he scratched two large words on the ten inch slate: “People think.” Then he erased the words with his bare fingers and continued writing, “that the people,” he erased again and wrote, “of vrindavan” –erase- “are crazy,” –erase-. “it is true” –erase-. “we are crazy” –erase-. Then he wrote in big letters, “FOR KRISHNA.” This too he erased, then wrote, again in sections, “if you stay here you will become crazy, too.” Then he smiled, as if he knew something I didn’t…

– Radhanath Swami

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  • Pankaj

    This increases my attraction and eagerness to be MAD for KRISHNA by visiting VRINDAVAN!

  • Manoj Kumar Gupta

    This explains us the mood of Vrindavan

  • nilesh pawar

    mauni baba spoke truth

    one has to become crazy …….

  • anmol

    while reading this article i thought i was in Vrindavan for a while..!

  • Chandrika

    Just the picture is so peaceful…

  • if you stay here you will become crazy, too.” go for it

  • Pranjal Dixit

    Hare Krishna……..To feel Vrindavan and spirit of Brijvasisi we need to be purify our thoughts and our intentions. When we will have love for Krishna in our hearts Vrindavan will be revealed to us . HariBol!

  • samir paleja

    Krishna has made Vrindavan in such a way that pure devotee like Radhanath Swami will definitely have homely feeling in Vrindavan.

  • Y.Raja Shekar

    HH Radhanath Swami’s stay in Vrindavan had revealed him so many realisations.

  • amazing incident!! i was surprise to here the incident of maharaj with that old yogi…

  • Sumit Sharma

    Very nice.

  • Ankush Mahajan

    Jaya Radhe Jaya Krishna Jaya Vrindavan!!!
    His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj ki Jai!!!

  • Pankaj

    Feeling like a home in Vrindavana is natural for Radhanath Maharaj since he belongs there.

  • Damodar

    This articel reminded me of my reading of Radhanath swami’s first visit to Vrindavan from Mathura given in his book The Journey Home.

  • Sandhya Hinduja

    One cannot see Vrindavan with pride one needs to have a mood of a servant .

  • preeti kumari

    this was simply amazing experince by mauni baba he wrote the people think that the people of Vrndavana are crazy for krsna that is true , if you stay here you will become crazy, too

  • Sunny Hinduja

    If you really want to experience Vrindavan in true sense you need to be eagerly enthusiastic in a servitude attitude

  • Goraksha

    Eagerness is required to see vrindavan…if we go for enjoyment only then Dham will not manifest in our heart.

  • Sanjiv

    Such a beautiful narration of the 1st day His Holiness Radhanath swami had in Vrndawan. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    A wonderful explanation by radhanath swami.

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    I feel I should read these articles of Radhanath Swami everyday at every moment of my life.

  • Harshad

    this reflects a similar mood of that of Uddhava, Krishna’s very dear friend, who got such an amazing articulate vision when he went to Vrindavan for the first time. Those who are advanced in consciousness can only feel and realize that. Thank you Radhanath Swami for taking us to Vrindavan through your heart.

  • Bhaskar

    I fell my heart magically transported to the warmth of Home, Radhanath Swami experiences and shares in these wonderful passages.

  • Sagar K

    Hare Krsna. Radhanath swami’s visit to Vrindavan was indeed a very pre-planned event by Krsna. Thank you so much.

  • Udisha

    Thank you for the mesmerizing description of Vrindavan along with a beautiful picture of Radhanath Swami absorbed in the green surroundings Of Vrindavan.

  • Himanshu Goel

    Vrindavan Dham ki Jai

  • Ravi Garg

    Vrindavan is indeed the most wonderful place on earth……

  • Rajesh

    The fact that HH Radhanth Swami was going to Amarnath and ended up in Vrindavan on Janmastami day could be no coincident. I am very much convinced that it was Krishna’s plan to bring His dear devotee to Him on this very special day. HH Radhanath Swami’s spontaneous attraction for Vrindavan and all its residents inclduing animals and trees even when he had come there for the first time clearly point to his own greatnees. How wonderful it is that one man who saw Vrindavan as it should be seen; later opened the door of real Vrindavan to thousands and thousands of people!!

  • Sanjiv

    The meeting of HH Radhanath swami with the 110 year old sadhu is really very special

  • umesh

    mesmerizing account of Radhanath Swami’s Vrindavan first day journey.

  • Pradeep Kumar

    Beautiful description of Vrindavan, I am touched by seeing the mood of Vrajwasis, their love and dedication for Krishna & his devotees.

  • Sumit Sharma

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Sanjiv

    God arranges to help a soul who really has a pure desire to serve him with no selfish agenda. How HH Radhanath Swami was guided mysteriously from Europe To Vrindawan !

  • Pradeep Iyer

    Journey home is a excellent book for all age groups, easy to read and hooks you to read till the end

  • Anand Patil

    Journey home book is worth a read many times…and you still have the craving to read it again. Thanks HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj for this wonderful narration.

    • NSP

      Very well said!

  • vilas bhujbal

    We find at so many instances in this book about Radhanath Swami, such as he has been guided to go to India,Translator telling him about Krishna while actual speaker was narrating Ramayan , and here also amazingly train stopping at Vrindavan , It get endorsed that life of Pure devotees of Krishna is personally orchestrated by Krishna Himself. Radhanath Swami Ki Jai.

    • Piyush Singh

      No doubts. life of Pure devotees of Krishna is personally orchestrated by Krishna Himself. Thanks for pointing this.

  • Vinay Malani

    Thank you Radhanath Swami Maharaj for sharing the nectar.

  • Piyush Singh

    Thanks for sharing these sweet interactions of devotees of the Lord. HH Radhanath Swami had so many beautiful incidents and he learnt and grew with all these events that Lord was arranging in his life. It is so refreshing to read the book Journey Home due to these reasons. Thank you for sharing this.

  • vidya karekar

    crazy for Krishna!! wonderful

  • Chandala Potdar

    Thank you Maharaj . Very nice and touching incident.

  • vidya karekar

    such wonderful incidents !!

  • Sanjiv

    So amazing; this was the reaqction of the Vrajbasi, when he was not able to do some service to a devotee of Lord Krishna – “Casting his head down, he grew desperate. “Please accept my humble service. If you do not, how can I show myself before my Krishna?””
    I think this is the eagerness that we must have to serve the devotees of the Lord

  • vidya karekar

    hope one day we all will understand what it is to be crazy for Krsna

  • Rajendra Kamath


  • Prahalad

    Narrations from Journey Home by Radhanath Swami are nectar to hear.

  • Srivallabhi dd

    This shows eagerness for love of Krishna.

  • vidya karekar

    perfect !! crazy for Krsna !!!

  • Srivallabhi dd

    Thank you Maharaj for sharing this lovely narration.

  • Raju K Mewada

    Wonderful descriptions attracts us to visit Vrindavan again and again…That is Krishna’s home and naturally being part and parcel of Lord, we have that attraction..Thank you Maharaj for sharing your wonderful experiences through your book, “Journey Home”…

    • Kiran Shetty

      Indeed, its very true. I am very much inspired to reach description of Vrindavan.

    • Pradeep Kumar

      Yes very true the “Journey Home” is a mind blowing book.

      • Piyush Singh

        No doubt.

    • Piyush Singh

      Yes, really wonderful.. HH Radhanath Swami has been doing this great service of revealing the Vrindavan Dham through his various talks and books etc.

  • Nikhil Joshi

    Life is always full of choices and its upto us to make the right choices. Destiny prevailed as Radhanath swami set his foot on the holy land of Vrindavan, the land of Krishna and Radha. Its here Maharaj strengthened his resolve to pursue spirituality deeper and further.

  • Jaydeep

    This book is just awesome !

  • Rahul Gupta

    When we go to Vrindavan with Radhanath Swami maharaj, we actually come to know the real Vrindavan. This is only possible by the mercy of devotees like Radhanath Swami

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  • Jeewan

    Just by hearing/reading about the Vrindavan the way Maharaj has explained above, is giving real eyes to see the Dham…thank you Maharaj..

  • Tejas Patole

    Everyone is waiting for 2015 Kartik Yatraa in Vrindavan

  • makarand pathak

    Vrindavan Ramya Sthana. Thanks for sharing the experiences, Radhanath Swami.

  • Sujit Jadhav

    Very beautiful narrations by Maharaj.

  • Ushamati Devi dasi

    Radhanath swami describes vrindavan so beautifully that u can feel its presence. Thank you so much. The journey home book is also so descriptive that you can actually visualize Radhanath swami maharaj’s experiences.

    • Navin Poojary

      Yes! The descriptions are as if we are teletransported to the scene!

      • Ram Mohan Gupta

        Agree. Thanks Radhanath Swami.

  • makarand pathak

    vrindavan ramya sthana. how much radhanath swami is eager to see vrindavan. May Krishna give me same understanding.

  • Vikas Rana

    HH Radhanath Maharaj has a very great capacity to describe Vrindavan in its true form and nature. For ordinary people, Vrindavan is always hidden but for self realized souls like Maharaj, Vrindavan manifests in its true form. Maharaj is very kind to describe in this article to ordinary people like me to get a glimpse of what Vrindavan is. Thank you Maharaj.

    • Ram Mohan Gupta

      Radhanath Swami visited many places around the world, however, his heart was charmed by Vrindavan. Thanks to Radhanath Swami for beautiful charming narrations of Vrindavan.

  • khushal

    amazing animated description of Vrindavan by maharaj. thank you

  • Deepesh Saini

    One whom god loves somehow or other he brings him closer to himself

  • Prashant

    It is Lord’s divine arrangement that Radhanath Swami lands up in Vrindavan exactly on Janmashtami!!

  • Navin Poojary

    Very interestingly narrated!Am keen to know what happened Next on Radhanath Swami’s trip in Virndavan!

  • amit

    Thank you for sharing with us wonderful memories.

  • Prahalad

    Vrindavan is really chintamani dham as discussed by Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

  • Prahalad

    Radhanath Swami Maharaj is very expert in describing the pastimes of Vrindavan which touch your heart. Even if you hear it a multiple times it seems ever fresh as it comes from the mouth of a pure devotee.

  • Prahalad

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  • Satya Kama Das

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    Wonderful excerpt by Radhanath Swami Maharaj from the book “The Jouney Home”…

  • sumit

    That is why i have longing to read Radhanath swami’s book “Journey Home” again and again. This excerpt has rekindled my desire to read it again.

  • So beautifully explained. Thanks.

  • Laxmikanth

    This part of the book is really amazing and gives so much of happiness as if you yourself entered Vrindhavan, how much struggle it take to enter into the vrajdham in reality is shown by Radhanath swami in his book. anybody can enter y purchasing a train ticket, but Srila prabhupada said no one can enter into Vrindavan just by having a train ticket, means its not possible just to enter into the consciousnesses of Vraja

  • Jerry Richard

    Sri Rupa Goswami came to Vrindavan as the humble servant of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He made the Lord’s order his life and soul. He has written magnificent literature, the richest treasure of all literatures in the entire world.According to the Vaisnava scriptures, the predominating deity installed by Vrajnath in this entire sector of Brajbhumi is Sri Radha Govindadev.

  • Piyush Singh

    Such divine narration of the right mood of Sri Vrindavan Dham. This incident shows that how Lord himself guides and arranges the best situations for sincere seekers. That is how Lord arranged such divine situations for HH Radhanath Swami.

    Being CRAZY for Krishna is the ultimate goal of existence. Very inspiring.

  • Kalpana Kulkarni

    What an amazing description of Vrindavan. Many of us must have visited Vrindavan, but I’m sure we would never ave been able to give such a vivid description!! As they say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”! By reading Radhanath Swami’s book – “The Journey Home” it is evident that he was destined to come to India and become one of the greatest spiritual masters of today!