Koladvipa is an emblem of “pada-sevanam” or rendering devotional service unto the lotus feet of the Lord. This island is also known as Koladvipa parvata. “Kola” means boar and “Dvipa” means island. It is so called because Lord Varahadeva (an incarnation of the Lord who appeared as a boar to kill the demon Hiranyaksa) appeared at this place in Satya Yuga to bless His devotee. This place is even known as Varaha ksetra. It is said that this place is non-different from Giri Govardhan parvat of Sri Vrindavan dham.

In Satya Yuga, there was a great devotee of Lord Varahadeva named Vasudeva, who worshiped a deity of the Lord by various means like offering Ganga water, fruits, food etc. He very humbly begged the Lord to appear before Him. Lord Varaha appeared before him in a boar form. The Lord’s form was very beautiful & gigantic.  The Lord instructed him that this place of Navadvipa dham was very holy one. By residing at this place & worshiping the Lord, one attains spiritual benefits multifold as compared to other places of pilgrimage. The Lord told his devotee that He had appeared at this very place & had killed the demon Hiranyaksa. He further informed that in the age of Kali, He would advent as Sri Gauranga and inaugurate the Sankirtan process and that he (referring to His devotee Vasudeva) would be able to participate with the Lord then.

Visnupriya (eternal consort of Lord Caitanya) worshipped a deity of Lord Caitanya made up of neem after  Lord Caitanya took sannyasa (renounced order of life). She continued her worship till the end of her life. Lord Nityanand Mahaprabhu says in Navadvipa mahatmya that this deity of Lord Caitanya (four hundred years after the Lord’s departure) would be worshipped at this place with great devotion & reverence. Today it is worshiped at Dharmesvara Mahaprabhu temple.

Places of visit in this island are:

Dharmesvara Mahaprabhu temple.

Praudha Maya temple.


Devananda Gaudiya Matha.

Samadhi of Srila Jagannath das babaji Maharaj & Srila Gaura Kisora das babaji Maharaj.