Madhyadvipa comprises of “Madhya” (center or middle) & “Dvipa” (island). However it does not mean that it is the center most in the bunch of nine islands of Navadvipa dham. Rather, this island has derived its name because Lord Caitanya appeared here around noon time (which is the middle part of the day) being blessed by the austerities of seven sages who were sons of Lord Brahma. Out of the nine processes of devotional services, this island is a depiction of “Smaranam” (remembering the Supreme Lord). This place is also known as “Majidagrama”.

Once the seven sages (sons of Lord Brahma) were immersed in singing the glories of Lord Gauranga & wanted to attain “Gaura-prema” – a stage of complete love for Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Seeing the sincerity & eagerness of his sons, Brahma directed them to Navadvipa dham to worship Lord Caitanya. Being so directed, these sages performed penances at this place in Navadvipa dham. They  continuously begged Lord Caitanya for His mercy & love of Godhead.  Lord Caitanya was pleased with their sincerity and one day appeared in front of them around noon time. He told them to exclusively engage in the path of bhakti rather than pursuing other paths. He also promised them that they would be able to witness His pastimes in the material realm in Kali Yuga when He would advent to inaugurate the chanting of the holy names.

Various places that can be visited within this island are:

Lord Siva’s lake.

Temple of Lord Siva- Hamsa Vahana temple.

Uccahatta – place where the demigods loudly sing the glories of Lord Gauranga.


Forest of Naimisaranya.