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Flame of Love Nourished by Ghee of Sincerity – Radhanath Swami

on October 16, 2012 in Mayapur Articles with 3 Comments

We are being given the blessed opportunity to offer the flame of our sincere desire to serve Sri Sri Radha Madhava with love and devotion. Whatever little spark may be there, “Krishna surya sama maya haya andhkara.” Devotional service can illuminate darkness of ignorance with the desire to serve the Supreme Lord.

Today is Diwali, the festival where the flame of our intention to serve the Lord with love, from within our hearts, being nourished by the ghee of our sincerity, to hear the glories of the Lord, chant the names and the glories of the Lord, associate with the devotees of the Lord, worship the deity of the Lord, serve the holy dham, it will make that light become brighter and brighter and brighter. And all the darkness of ignorance and ego will gradually be dispelled by the positive transcendental grace of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

– Radhanath Swami

Radha Madhava

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