Radhanath Swami on Krishna Enjoys Lunch With His Friends

Krishna having lunch with his friends

The Yogamaya potency of Krishna would arrange for demons to come every day just before lunch. This would stop their play and then Krishna would play with the demons and then effortlessly kill them, and either liberate them or send them to the spiritual world depending upon the particular inclination of the asura. By all this play and excitement everyone’s appetite would increase. Then the cowherd boys would all sit around Krishna and relish honouring Prasad together. This was another pastime of total absorption. This was not just food – but was grown, harvested and cooked by the Vrajvasis with love for Krishna.

The cowherd boys were sharing their Prasad with Krishna. Upon seeing this, the demigods were bewildered. The cowherd boys were not following any elaborate procedures but Krishna was very happy accepting their offerings. This is because Krishna is bhavagrahi – Krishna accepted the love of their offerings. This is the spirit of pure spontaneous nature of the relationships between Kåiñhëa and the residents of Vrindavan.

– Radhanath Swami

Krishna and Balaram