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Radhanath Swami on Nimai Goes Out for a Ride

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One time there were two thieves, who were moving around in Navadwip to steal. They saw little Nimai who was nicely decorated with various ornaments. They picked up the child and gave Him a piece of Sandesh and wanted to take Him to their secret hideout.

They were giving a nice ride to little Nimai. In Vrindavan, Trnavarta gave a nice ride to Krishna. Little children like to get rides. These two thieves were offering sandesh after sandesh and unknowingly they were making offering to the Supreme Lord. Although there are elaborate procedures for making offering to the Supreme Lord, here Lord was accepting their offering without all these procedures. Their lives were becoming perfect.

The thieves were so bewildered that they brought little Nimai back to Jagannath Misra’s home thinking that to be their hideout. As soon as they realized where they were, they kept the child down and ran away. Meanwhile all the residents of Navadwip were in extreme anxiety. If they would have known that Nimai is the Supreme Personality of Godhead they would not have worried so much.

“But we find higher than peace, millions of times is to be in complete anxiety”

Nimai goes out for a rideThere are some yogis who promise that by following this yoga system, you will achieve peace. But we find higher than peace, millions of times is to be in complete anxiety. Vrindavan – everyday devotees were in anxiety – when they saw Krishna in the coils of Kaliya, and when they saw Nimai lying on the coils of a big black snake. But the nature of this anxiety is their love. The Lord puts His devotees in this anxiety to intensify their love.

“The Lord puts his devotees in anxiety to intensify their love”

Then Nimai ran into the home and everyone became jubilant. This is the nature of the Spiritual world, union and separation. That separation intensifies the experience of union between the Lord and His devotees.

When Jagannath Mishra asked Nimai what had happened. Lord told that, “I went to the Ganga and I got lost and I could not find My way home. But then two nice gentlemen picked Me up and brought Me right home.” The Lord saw the good in them even though there wasn’t any good. He transformed their evil propensities into offerings that liberated their lives. Those two thieves achieved perfection of life because they performed some service which pleased Nimai.

– Radhanath Swami

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