Radhanath Swami on Krishna lifts Govardhan

For one who is honoured, dishonour is worst than death. So Indra sent those Samvartaka clouds and told them to focus all their energy on Vrindavan and destroy it. Those clouds were so thick that the whole world was in pitch darkness except Vrindavan. Vrindavan was lit up by the effulgence radiating from the toe nails of Krishna, it was like a soothing sun.

The Samvartaka clouds began to thunder tumultuously. The water drops were as big as the trunk of a banyan tree. There were hailstorms and it was freezing cold. The cows and the calves were trembling in freezing cold. The bulls looked up in anger. The gopas and the gopis approached Krishna, taking the cows in front and pleaded Him to kindly protect them from the wrath of Indra.

By the arrangement of Krishna’s Yogamaya potency a path was created where there was not even a single drop of rain. So Krishna reached Govardhan hill and just like a playful child picks up a mushroom, He picked up the Govardhan hill on the little finger of His left hand. The dirt falling from the sides of Govardhan made a wall all around, so that no water could enter below Govardhan. Krishna then called for all the Vrajvasis along with their cows and calves to take shelter of Giriraj.

Everyone simply gazed upon Krishna and their hearts were completely satisfied. The gopis’ eyes were like chakora birds and they were constantly gazing upon Krishna’s beautiful face. He was fully satisfying everyone’s inner most hearts’ desires. But for Yashoda mayi it was very difficult to see little 7 year old Gopal standing with a gigantic mountain on the tip of His little finger.