Radhanath Swami on Nature of this world

Radhanath Swami on Nature of the world

After the circumambulation was over everyone returned to their homes blissful. It was a festive mood and everyone was jubilant. But the nature of the world is that what makes one person happy makes other miserable.

Vaishnavas are para dukh dukhi, when others are happy he is happy and when others suffer he is unhappy. Indra is a very special devotee; he is specially empowered by Krishna and is responsible for universal managerial affairs. Only when one shows exceptional abilities and sincerity does Krishna gives him special services and responsibility.

It’s not easy to become a demigod. Only after immense amount of pious activities does one becomes a demigod. Indra controls the rains, the survival of living beings depends on rains. So his responsibility is very crucial.

Due to the way the modern man is living, with no respect for mother Earth, the whole global climatic situation is in danger. Geologists have predicted that if we continue to live the way we are living now then by 2040 there would be no Ganga, Yamuna or any other major rivers. There will be scarcity of water and there will be global wars because of water shortage.

In Brhad Bhagvatamrita, we read about how when Indra does yajna, Vishnu personally appears with Garuda and accepts his offerings. That is the power of Indra. One of the reasons Krishna performed the Govardhan Lila is He wanted to crush Indra’s false pride, because Krishna cannot tolerate egoism in His devotee.

– Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on Nature of the world