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Radhanath Swami on Nimai humbles Kesava Kasmiri

on May 29, 2013 in Mayapur Articles with 24 Comments

Once a famous scholar and great pandit named Keshav Kashmiri came to Mayapur. He was digvijay, He would travel all over the country and defeat various scholars and they had to sign a statement accepting their defeat. He was extremely proud of his scholarship. One day he happen to walk along Ganga and met Nimai pandit.

Nimai said something very profound. He said “A great person is like a tree which is filled with fruits”. A fruit laden tree bows down similarly a person with good qualities bows down to everyone. He offers all respects to others and doesn’t expect anything for himself.

Nimai then requested Keshav Kashmiri to compose poetry in glorification of Mother Ganga. Keshan Kashmiri immediately composed 100 original Sanskrit verses in glorification of mother Ganga. Everyone was spell bound. Nimai then asked him to explain the good qualities and faults in his poetry. Keshav Kashmiri said that there could be no faults in my poetry. Then Nimai pointed out some faults in his poetry. Upon hearing this Keshav Kashmiri was speechless. Nimai defeated him but He maintained his dignity in front of everyone else.

“Knowledge itself is only of value, if it helps us to develop the qualities of a pure devotee, otherwise kn”owledge is a disturbance.

Same night he had a dream and mother Saraswati revealed to him that Nimai is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Next morning Keshav Kashmiri went to Nimai and surrendered himself at His lotus feet. Lord explained that, “Knowledge itself is only of value, if it helps us to develop the qualities of a pure devotee, otherwise knowledge is a disturbance.”

– Radhanath Swami


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