Radhanath Swami on Serving with right attitude

Indra on Airavat

Indra is a very powerful devotee, not anyone can become Indra. You have to be a very responsible devotee, who has really performed amazing incredible forms of service in the past, extremely pious. To such a person Krishna gives such a big responsibility. He has the duty to keep everyone alive in the universe, by providing rain. That’s a serious responsibility and he is doing it for Krishna.

But there’s a problem. That wealth, power, prestige has the irresistible nature to make us proud, to think that I am better than others. And as soon as you start thinking like that, then one begins to think that, “I am the proprietor and I am the enjoyer”. This could happen in a very very subtle way.

“Service does not mean I do what I want, when I want. Service means whatever makes Krishna happy”.

We could be given a position in Krishna consciousness and we may think, “This is my service”. Even if someone else can do it better, and everyone else wants that person to do it. We think, “No! This is my service.” Nothing is ours. This is Krishna’s service. Service does not mean I do what I want, when I want. Service means whatever makes Krishna happy. And Krishna reveals what makes him happy through the Guru, Sadhu and the scriptures.

“Krishna gives power, Krishna gives facility and we think it is mine to enjoy and we become proud.”

The proper consciousness is that this is a post and I am simply a humble servant performing the duties within this post, but this post is not mine. But unfortunately this happens to most devotees. Krishna gives power, Krishna gives facility and we think it is mine to enjoy and we become proud.

ahaìkära-vimüòhätmä – due to false ego we think we are the doer. That false pride destroys our devotional service. It corrupts the heart. Krishna doesn’t really appreciate any service that is offered with this type of false pride.
– Radhanath Swami
Indra on Airavat