Radhanath Swami on Yasoda’s distress

While Krishna was holding Govardhan a beautiful conversation took place:

Yasoda mayi: “Krishna, you are so impudent. You have no control over senses or Your mind. Why did You do this? It has been our family tradition to worship Indra for several generations, why did You have to insult him in this way? And now You have just made Indra very angry. Look what You have done. And I am looking up and Your hand is so soft and fresh like creamy butter. Then I see that on top of it, such a hard mountain as Govardhan. How can My motherly heart tolerate this?”

Then Yasoda with very intense feeling prayed to Giriraj, Yasoda mayi: “O Govardan hill I will beg one boon from you. Please be merciful upon me. And as long as you are sitting on Krishna’s finger please be very soft and very light”.

Hearing this Madumangala spoke; Madhumangal: “Why you are in anxiety? Krishna is not in any distress. If it wasn’t for Krishna insulting Indra we would not have this opportunity of enjoying the sweet, sweet darshan of Krishna holding the hill Giriraj.”

Yasoda mayi: “You foolish boy, stop talking. How can a little boy holding such a massive hill be sweet.”

Krishna smilingly spoke; Krishna: “Mother, don’t think like this. I am in no distress. In fact this is fun. I am having so much fun. Don’t think I am holding the hill. Giriraj is so merciful. By his mystical powers Govardhan Hill is floating in the air. And I am just holding My finger up and touching Him, there is no weight at all. In fact I am just an instrument.”

Yasoda mayi’s was very worried. She said; Yasoda mayi: “If that’s true, that Giriraj is just floating. Then prove it to me. Have Giriraj come off your beautiful butterly hand and let him fly around the sky on his own. Then I will agree.”

Madhumangal: “All of you saying is not correct. The truth is by my Brahmin tejas, by my brahminical powers I am holding the Govardhan hill.”

Yasoda mayi: “My son, His face is pale, His face is sunken, there is perspiration on His face. And you are making jokes like this.”

Nanda Maharaj: “Yasoda, why are you harassing Madhumangal like this? He is encouraging Krishna.”

In this way Krishna enjoyed beautiful reciprocations with His devotees. Krishna began to play His flute giving His devotees’ joy.