Radhanath Swami on Prayer during the Yatra

During these days in our yatra, to be absorbed in the spirit of service of all the devotees, to be absorbed in constantly trying to take shelter of the holy names and at every moment don’t let a breath escape from your body without Krishna’s name. That should be our determination throughout the yatra, to be absorbed in hearing and chanting and praying. In each place where ever we may go, we are praying for pure devotional service, praying for a humble heart devoid of ego, praying to overcome lust and envy and anger and pride and greed and illusion. Praying for pure devotional service! This is the great fortune we are given.

It is our prayer that all of the assembled devotees put their hearts and souls, their lives focused on serving the vaishnavas and the holy dham and the holy names. And becoming so spiritually surcharged with the eternal benefits of the yatra, that it will invigorate and empower us throughout our whole lives in the path of bhakti.

– Radhanath Swami