Reason for taking sannyasa

Lord Caitanya Dances in Harinaam Sankirtan

Many people take sannyasa because they are frustrated with life, but Lord Caitanya had the most perfect family, friends and loving associates. He took sannyasa because He wanted to reach people who were distant and who were offensive. As a sannyasi, everyone will respect Him and He would be free to travel and preach. He wanted to deliver them because He loved them. The Lord loves every living entity.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the role of a devotee wanted to teach the world how valuable Krishna Consciousness is – “Premä pum-artho mahän” the crest jewel of all goals of life is to love Krishna.

“Whatever occupation we may perform, whatever varna or ashram we are in, if it does not develop within our hearts a taste for hearing about Krishna with love, then “Çrama eva hi kevalam”, it is a waste of time.”

Lord Caitanya wanted to teach the world that this yearning and longing for Krishna, this putting Krishna above and beyond every other concern in life, is a proper perspective. If we gain Krishna’s love everything else will be taken care of. Krishna promises in the Gita, “Those who surrender with love to Me, I protect what they have and I carry what they lack”. The value of Krishna Consciousness should not be taken for granted. It should never be second to anything else in our life. Therefore Lord Caitanya exhibited that He put it first and foremost, in fact He gave up everything for it.

– Radhanath Swami

Lord Caitanya Dances in Harinaam Sankirtan