MadhuvanMadhuvan is that forest of Vraja where the Supreme Personality of Godhead has personally appeared in every Yuga (a millennium in the cosmic time cycle) in His different forms to perform several pastimes. In Satya Yuga, Lord appeared here as Prshni-Garbha to benedict child Dhruva. In Treta Yuga, He appeared in Madhuvan as Shatrughana, the brother of Lord Rama to kill the notorious demon, Lavanasura. In Dwapar Yuga, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna personally appeared and performed His sweet pastimes in the sweet forest of Madhuvan. Finally in Kali Yuga, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu came here to Madhuvan.

Radhanath Swami flooded his audience in the ocean of nectar of the Lord’s pastimes performed in each of these Yugas in Madhuvan. A summary of these pastimes in each of these Yugas is given below:

Satya Yuga: Shrimad Bhagvatam describes that in the Satya Yuga, the son of Maharaj Uttanpada, the five year old Dhruva, being disturbed by the neglect of his father went into the forest to perform austerities with the goal of attaining a kingdom greater than his great grandfather Brahma. There he met with Shrila Narada Muni who advised him to go to this holy place of Madhuvan on the banks of the river Yamuna and worship the Supreme Lord. It was here that Dhruva Maharaj performed severe austerities, constantly remembering the Lord within his heart and chanting His Holy Names. The Supreme Personality of Godhead personally appeared to him in His incarnation of Prishni-Garbha. There He fulfilled all of Dhruva Maharaja’s innermost desires. A temple of Dhruva and Narayan is there in Madhuvan.

Treta Yuga: In Satya Yuga, Mathura Puri was called Madhu Puri because of being ruled by a demon called Madhu. In Treta Yuga, this Madhu Puri was being ruled by Madhu’s son, Lavanasura who was especially wicked and atrocious. The sages of Madhuvan, being completely terrorized by Lavanasura approached Lord Rama for protection. Shatrughana, the youngest brother of Lord Rama came forward to subdue the demon. Lord Rama coronated Shatrughana as the King of Madhu Puri immediately. Shatrughana prompted Lavanasura for a fight and thus a very fierce battle ensued between the two warriors. Finally Shatrughana shot the arrow given by Lord Rama on Lavanasura and the mighty demon fell dead on the ground. Then Shatrughana reigned as the King of this place. A temple of Shatrughana is also there in Madhuvan

Dwapar Yuga: Lord Krishna, as Gopal would bring His cows for grazing to the forest of Madhuvan and would have His cows drink the cool nectarine waters of Madhu Kunda also known as  Krishna Kunda in Madhuvan. Radhanath Swami describes that at the time of Lord Krishna, Madhuvan was filled with Kalpavriksha trees covered with the most nectarine bee hives which would produce the sweetest Madhu (honey) in all the creation for the pleasure of Krishna. Therefore this forest came to be known as Madhuvan and Krishna would perform the sweet pastime of Rasa Leela with the Gopis on the banks of Madhu Kunda in the autumn season. Once while extolling the beautiful qualities of Krishna to the Gopis, in order to pacify their feelings of separation after Krishna’s departure from Vrindavan, Balaramji Himself became so absorbed in thoughts of Krishna that His complexion turned blackish. There is a beautiful blackish deity of Balaramji in the Dauji Mandir, at the place where this pastime happened in Madhuvan.

Kali Yuga: In this age of Kali, Krishna appeared as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He wandered through this forest of Madhuvan and in His heart of hearts He was reenacting the divine pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna.

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