Manasi Ganga

This most sacred lake is the largest of all kundas and is situated right in the heart of Govardhan town. The waters of Manasi-ganga are said to be non-different from the Ganges itself. In fact it is considered to be even better. One who bathes in the river Ganges is purified of all sins, but one who bathes in Manasi-ganga is not only purified of sins, but will also achieve prema-bhakti, the highest platform of pure loving devotion to Krishna.

How did Manasi Ganga appear? Radhanath Swami explains:

“Once a demon sent by Kamsa to kill Krishna assumed the form of a calf and hid amongst the cattle herds of Krishna. When Krishna realized this He killed the demon. But because He had killed the demon when he was in the form of a calf, the cowherd boys refused to play with Krishna, and asked Krishna to bathe in the Ganges to purify Himself. Not wanting to leave Vraja, Krishna meditated upon the Ganga within His mind (Manasi) and she manifested before Him in the form of Manasi-ganga. Krishna then took bath in the waters of Manasi-ganga to the delight of His cowherd friends.

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