Places near Vrindavan

There are many small villages and upavans (subforests) in Vraja Mandala Bhoomi which are the holy places of the appearance and the activities of Lord Shri Krishna and His associates. Prominent amongst these are Raval, Barsana, Nandagaon, Unchagaon and Javat. The scriptures describe that whenever the Supreme Lord appears on this planet, He does not come alone, rather He descends with all His eternal associates and His personal paraphernalia from the spiritual world, Goloka Vrindavan. In fact, before His descent to this world, Lord ordered all the demigods to take birth in the various villages in and around Vrindavan so that they can witness and assist in His sweet pastimes.  So, these villages around Vrindavan are also very important as they are the places of appearance and pastimes of the Lord’s intimate associates.

Raval is the birthplace of Shrimati Radharani, the female counterpart of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna. This is the place where Vrishabhanu Maharaj found Shrimati Radharani floating in the Yamuna on a golden lotus flower on the day of Radhashtami. Later on Vrishbhanu Maharaj and Kirtida Devi, father and mother of Shri Radhika, moved to Barsana. Barsana Gram also called “Vrishabhanupur”, is the eternal playground of Shrimati Radharani, the Sakhis, the Manjaris and Shri Krishna, the Sakhas and the Gopas. Visiting Barsana and Raval to beg for Shrimati Radharani’s mercy is an important part of a devotee’s pilgrimage to Vrindavan dham because Krishna’s mercy automatically follows for a person who has received the mercy of Shrimati Radharani and Her servants. Radhanath Swami always takes pilgrims to Barsana and Raval on his yatras to Vrindavan. Another prominent place is Unchagaon which is the village of Lalita Sakhi, a close friend of Shrimati Radharani. Lalita Sakhi is one of the eight principal Gopis (ashta sakhis).

Radhanath Swami states in one of his discourses in a Vrindavan yatra that each and every inch of this Vraja Bhoomi is extraordinary and spiritually surcharged with Lord Krishna’s sweet pastimes. It is not possible to describe the glory and importance of each and every place here. So, a brief description of the major places has been given here. Feeling inspired to know more! Come with us and join Radhanath Swami on another exciting and memorable trip to Shri Vrindavan Dham.

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