Brahmaji as mountain in Barsana

Lord Brahma is the father of all living beings in the universe. He lives for three hundred and eleven trillion (311,000,000,000,000) years and even the demigods turn to him in times of difficulty. But Lord Brahma, according to Varaha Purana and Padma Purana performed tapasya, and prayed to Krishna to allow him to serve the Lord in such a way that the dust of the feet of not only the Lord but of all His devotees would always be upon his head. Understanding His devotee’s heart, Lord Krishna benedicted Brahmaji to become a mountain in Barsana Dham. This mountain is comprised of two hills. The white colored hill is the longer one and is called Brahma Hill while the black colored one is called Vishnu Hill. The four peaks of this mountain in Barsana are actually the four heads of Brahmaji. He finds greater pleasure with the devotees walking on the top of his head, sitting on his head, dancing on his head. The peak where Vrishabhanu Maharaj had his palace is known as Bhanugarh. Just across the ridge from Bhangadh, there is the beautiful peak that is called Vilasgarh, where Shri Shri Radha and Krishna performed innumerable playful pastimes. The esoteric mountain peak where Shrimati Radharani would go in seclusion when She wanted to please Krishna through Her pastimes of ‘Anger’ is Maangarh. The peak where the pastimes of charity and tax collection are performed is Daangadh. Vilasgarh lies on the Vishnu Hill while the rest three lie on Brahma Hill.

A brief description of the important pastime places atop these four peaks can be given as follows: Atop Bhanugarh is the famous temple of Shriji also called the Ladli Lal temple. On Bhanugarh, the palace of Vrishabhanu Maharaj is there where Shri Radhika performed Her childhood pastimes. Across the road from Shriji temple is a beautiful pond called Pili Pokhar. Atop Maangarh is the Maan Mandir, the place where Shrimati Radharani would go into seclusion in Her transcendental loving anger towards Krishna. Down the hill from Maan Mandir are Morr Kutir and Krishna Kund. Sankari Khor is a very narrow passageway at the junction of the Brahma hill and Vishnu hill where mischievous Krishna and His cowherd boys would stop Radharani and Her Sakhis and collect taxes of butter, yougurt and ghee from them. Thus, Brahmaji in the form of this mountain is witness to these sweet pastimes in Barsana.