Nandagaon is the place of the palace of Nanda Maharaj. Nanda Maharaj was staying here in Nandagaon before moving to Gokula-Mahavan where Krishna-Balaram appeared. For about three years and four months they remained in Gokula and then because of the attack of so many demons they decided to move to more favorable places near Govardhan hill. In the forest of Vrindavan, they went to Chatikara and Kamyavan and some other places and ultimately came back to Nandagaon. It was here in Nandagaon that Krishna along with Lord Balaram were first given charge of herding the cows. This day of Krishna taking charge of the cows is celebrated to this day in Vrindavan as the festival of Gopashtami. There are many pastime places to be visited in Nandagaon such as Nanda Bhavan, Nanda Baithak, Pavan Sarovar, Yashoda Kunda, Charan Pahari, Hau-Bilau etc. Lord Shiva prayed to the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna to allow him to assist in His earthly pastimes in such a way that he can always have the feet of the Lord and His devotees upon His head. So by the blessings of Shri Krishna, Lord Shiva has appeared as the Nandishwar mountain in Nandagaon. It has five peaks representing the five heads of Shiva. Radhanath Swami during one of his pilgrimages here said that just as Lord Brahma made himself available as a mountain in Barsana, to be the home of Shrimati Radharani, Lord Shiva has made himself available in the service of the Lord as a mountain in Nandagaon to be the home of Krishna and Balaram.

On the top of this hill there is a beautiful temple called “Nanda Bhavan”, which is the palace of Nanda Maharaj where Krishna and Balaram lived with Yashoda Maharani, Rohinidevi and Nanda Maharaj. It is at this place that in the presence of the Sakhas and the Gopas, Krishna and Balaram would play many beautiful games. On the altar one can have darshan of Nanda Maharaj on the right side, and then there is Krishna-Balaram and on the left is Yashodamayi. And there is also a beautiful deity of Shrimati Radharani, Subal and Shridama and other cowherd boyfriends of the Lord. Nanda Baithak is the place where Nanda Maharaj and the cowherd men would assemble and meet to discuss the welfare of Krishna and Balaram.

Near Nanda Bhavan there is a beautiful bathing place called Paavan Sarovar where Nanda Maharaj used to bring Lord Krishna and Balaramji for bathing. On the banks of Paavan Sarovar one can have darshan of the Bhajan Kutir of Shrila Sanatana Goswami where he used to perform his bhajan. Not far from Paavan Sarovar is a place called Moti Kund where Krishna grew his garden of multi colored fragrant pearls. Yashoda Kund is a pond situated south of Nanda Bhavan. Mother Yashoda would personally come here with her maidservants to take her bath in this beautiful kund. Close to Yashoda Kund is a temple of Narsingha Deva. These deities of Narsingha Deva were given to Krishna for worshipping by Garga Muni. On the western bank of Yashoda kund is a place called Hau-Bilau. Here Krishna-Balaram used to play endlessly with Their cowherd boyfriends. Yashoda Mayi would come here in order to call Them home for dinner. But They would not respond so mother Yashoda would threaten Them that a hobgoblin called Hau-Bilau will come and eat Them. Hearing this, innocent Krishna-Balaram would run to take shelter of Yashoda Mayi and thus she would happily carry Them home for dinner. Murtis of Hau-Bilau are still present at this place. To the west of Nandagaon lies a hill called Caran Pahadi which is non-different from Lord Shiva. Here one can have the darshan of Krishna’s lotus feet. Once Krishna was playing His flute on the top of this hill. Hearing the tender and sweet sound of Krishna’s flute, Lord Shiva melted in ecstasy and impressions of Krishna’s foot prints were left on the head of Lord Shiva.

Prayer: Radhanath Swami said that at this place, in a very humble heart we should pray that every arrangement and every plan that we make in our own life should always be centered on serving and giving pleasure to Krishna and His devotees.