Yavat is the village of Abhimanyu, his mother Jatila and sister Kutila. Abhimanyu played the part of the “so-called husband” of Shrimati Radharani in Lord Krishna’s pastimes. Abhimanyu is the expansion of Krishna’s shadow. This place is very much glorified by Shrila Rupa and Sanatan Goswami because this place facilitates the “Parakiya Rasa” or the mellow of paramour love in the loving pastimes of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna. There is a Radha Krishna temple in this village called the Radha Kanta Temple. This village is 3 Km northeast of Nandagaon.

The Acharyas explain that how it was Krishna only who married Shrimati Radharani in the form of Abhimanyu. During his yatra to Javat, Radhanath Swami narrated this fascinating pastime of Krishna, in the form of Abhimanyu, marrying Shrimati Radharani. When Lord Brahma had stolen the calves and the Gopas and put them in mystic slumber for one full year, that time Lord Krishna not wanting to create any type of anxiety for the Brajavasis personally expanded Himself as each and every calf and each and every Gopa, so identically that no one even considered the possibility that there was any difference. The only difference the cows and the mothers and the fathers of the Gopas experienced was that they could not understand why they felt such intensified love for their children. They loved their children for the first time as much as they loved Krishna Himself. Sukadev Goswami explains that this is because Krishna is the beloved Supersoul in every ones heart, He is the ultimate object of everyone’s love. So in Vrindavan everyone love their children, but they love Krishna most. All the Gopas, Gopis and all the cows would long in their hearts that “Mother Yashoda is so fortunate to have Krishna as her child. If only I could love Krishna as my child.” In Vrindavan everyone’s desires are fulfilled. So Krishna fulfilled desires of all the mothers and personally became their Children and accepted the milk from their breast.

During that year Krishna also wanted to satisfy the younger Gopis who prayed to Krishna to become their husband. So Krishna told Nanda Maharaj that this particular year is very, very auspicious for marriage. We should get all the Gopas married to the Gopis. Nanda Maharaj consulted with Paurnamasi, “Shiksa Guru” of Braja Bhumi. She said, “Yes this is correct we should have big, big marriages.” So young Gopas married young Gopis. The Gopis attained the fulfillment of their heart’s desires by marrying “Krishna”. They didn’t know that the One they were being married to was their beloved Krishna only. But they loved Him as they loved Krishna, because although Krishna was in all these different forms of the different Gopas, He manifested His all-attractive beauty in each of them. The marriage of Shrimati Radharani with “Abhimanyu” was also arranged in the same year. But Krishna had expanded Himself as Abhimanyu also, who was sleeping in a mystic slumber in Brahma Loka. So Shrimati Radharani was married to Krishna in the form of Abhimanyu. Almost for one year “Krishna” in the form Abhimanyu lived with Shrimati Radharani as Her husband in this very place called Yavat.

At the end of the year when Brahma surrendered to Krishna realizing His Supreme glory, he brought back all the calves and all the cowherd boys including Abhimanyu. At that time the cowherd boys and the calves understood that their perfection was simply to somehow or other increase the loving exchanges of Radha and Krishna. So Abhimanyu who is Krishna’s expansion existed only for the purpose of increasing the excitement of the Rasa in the meetings and the separations of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna. As did Jatila and Kutila. Radhanath Swami cautions that we should not commit any offence to them thinking them to be ordinary. That would be a very, very bad Vaishnava aparadha. We should worship their lotus feet and understand how dear they are to Krishna for creating such a stage of exciting pastimes for Him. So, this is Javat Gram.