Jiva Goswami's Library

Situated near Radha Damodar temple is Jiva Goswami’s library. Radhanath Swami speaks about this in a Vrindavan Yatra lecture.

“Jiva Goswami wanted a very safe and prominent place to store all the literature of Goswamis.  So he built a library where all the writings of Rupa, Sanatan, Raghunath das, Krishnadas Kaviraj, and Gopal Bhatt were kept safely.  Jiva Goswami’s library was in the Radha Damodar temple. Of course, Jiva Goswami’s major contributions were his own philosophical writings.  It has been approximated that he has written more than 400,000 Sanskrit shlokas and over 25 beautiful books, like the Sat-sandarbha, Gopal Champu and others. Under the instruction of Rupa and Sanatan, Jiva Goswami took the principles of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s philosophy and like no one had ever done before, established those principles on the basis of undefeatable sound philosophy and strong evidences from authorized Vedic scriptures. Therefore, he is actually the one who really established the philosophic base for our movement.”