Present Home

During the onslaught of the Mughals  many of the deities of Vrindavan were either hidden in and around the temples or sent to some other part of the country to protect them from being desecrated.  The deity of Madanmohana was sent Jaipur. Radhanath Swami describes:

“After some generations when the Mughals came to conquer Vrindavan, many of the primary deities of the six Goswamis were brought to Jaipur for protection. Amongst them was Madanmohana.  In Jaipur, Madanmohana was being worshiped by the disciplic descendants of the disciples of Sanatana Goswami. By Sanatana Goswami’s mercy, the daughter of the king of Jaipur worshiped that Deity as her life and soul. When she came to the marriageable age, it was decided that she should marry the prince of Karoli, another kingdom not far from Bharatpur. But she told her father, “I have given up my life to be the chaste servant of Madanmohana. I cannot go anywhere else. He is my life and soul.” But the arrangement between the kings was already made and it was too late to change it. Then the two kings came together and decided that the king of Karoli would build a beautiful temple for Madanmohana in Karoli, and the king of Jaipur should give the Deity as dowry. Usually the bride is taken in a procession to the village of the bridegroom, but this time Madanmohana was taken in procession to Karoli, on the princess’ insistence; she just went as a maidservant. To this day, Sri Madanmohana is worshipped as the life and soul, by all the devotees of Karoli.”