Appearance of Radha Gokulananda

GokulanandjiRadhanath Swami during one of his yatras to Vrindavan described the wonderful pastime of the appearance of Shri Shri Radha Gokulananda. One day a Brahmachari came to Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur with his Deity named Gokulananda. He said that the Deity appeared to him and told him that, “I want to be worshipped by Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur. Please take Me to him.”

Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur, replied, “I don’t have anything, I am a renunciate. From where will I get the items needed to worship the Deity? I am not qualified to accept and worship Them.” The Brahmachari begged Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur. But he said, “No, no. How can I take such a responsibility? I have no such qualification and I have no means.”

So, the Brahmachari unwillingly went back with his Deity. Then Gokulananda appeared to Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur and told him in a dream, “It is My desire that you worship Me.” Simultaneously He appeared to that Brahmachari and said, “Once again take Me to Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur.”

The Brahmachari said, “How can I give You to him? He has already refused me.”

The Deity replied, “Now he will not refuse anymore.”

The Lord was right. Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur heartily accepted the Deity of Gokulananda this time and started worshipping Him as his life and soul.

Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur, in the temple of Radha Vinoda, spent many years of his life worshipping Shri Shri Radha Gokulananda.