Chir Ghat

Cheer Ghat Vrindavan


Chir Ghat is one of the holy ghats (series of steps leading down to a water body) on the banks of the river Yamuna. This is the place where the famous pastime of Krishna stealing the clothes of the young Gopis (Cowherd Maidens) of Vrindavan took place. This place was earlier just on the banks of River Yamuna. But over the years, as Yamuna has changed its course, now Chir Ghat stands at some distance from the Yamuna.  There is an ancient Kadamba tree at this place which is still existing since the time of Lord Krishna.

Radhanath Swami on one of his pilgrimages to Vrindavan, in 2004, explained that the Gopis were all pure devotees of Lord Krishna and wanted to attain Krishna as their husband.  At this very place, they performed the Katyayani Vrata, in which they would worship Mother Katyayani and pray to her in order to get the beautiful Son of Nanda Maharaj as their husband. Every day the Gopis would come to this Ghat to take their baths and worship Mother Katyayani. Radhanath Swami further explained that, in order to fulfill their desires to have Him as husband, Krishna very mercifully stole their clothes on one fine day when they were taking their baths at this Ghat, and brought them upon this very holy Kadamba tree. Devotees of Vrindavan still worship this tree and even make offerings to this tree.

It is said that one can understand the pastimes of the Supreme Lord only by hearing from great souls who have realized the Absolute Truth. This pastime of Krishna stealing the clothes of the Gopis may seem to be some mundane affair between a young boy and some girls. But Radhanath Swami gives the real import of this pastime as being the epitome of the soul’s complete surrender to the Supreme Lord by giving up attachment for the clothes of gross outer covering of our subtle and gross bodies. The soul must be purified of all gross and subtle desires.

Prayer: Radhanath Swami says that at this place one should make a prayer to Krishna that, “Krishna, here I offer my life, I offer my false ego, my body, my mind, my words, my thoughts, everything. Please take it all away, so that my true self can be given as an offering at your lotus feet.” One should be confident that if we offer our prayers sincerely, unto that holy kalpavriksha tree, our prayers will be heard and answered.