Journey to Spiritual Places with Radhanath Swami

Rama Ghat

Yamuna devi Praying to Lord BalaramRama Ghat lies on the bank of Yamuna, two miles east of Shergarh. Balaramji performed His Rasa dance here, therefore the name Rama Ghat. After having stayed in Dwarka for a long time after leaving Vrindavan, Krishna sent Balaramji to Vrindavan to relieve the Vrajvasis of their intense feelings of separation from Him. Balaramji, the giver of pleasure to His devotees, infused new life into the inhabitants of Vraja by His presence there. At that time Balaramji came here at Rama Ghat with the Gopis of Vraja and performed His Rasa dance. Completely intoxicated with Varuni beverage, He desired to enjoy the company of the Gopis in the waters of Yamuna and therefore ordered Yamuna to come nearby. Considering Him to be in an intoxicated state, Yamuna ignored Balaramji’s orders and thus displeased Him. Balaramji scratched the land near the river at Rama Ghat, slightly with His ploughshare. When threatened by Balaramji in this way Yamunaji realized His great powers and immediately came in person and fell at the feet of Balaramji offering beautiful prayers to Him right at this place.

Dauji at Rama GhataUpon displaying submissive attitude Yamuna was forgiven and when she came nearby, Balaramji enjoyed the pleasure of swimming with the Gopis in her waters here at Rama Ghat. Even today Yamuna leaves her natural course and flows by Rama Ghat. There is a temple of Balaramji at Rama Ghat near the Banyan tree where Balaramji had performed His Rasa dance.

Prayer: Radhanath Swami addressing a large gathering of devotees in Rama Ghat in his yatra in 2004 said that at Rama Ghat we should pray to Balaramji for spiritual strength for overcoming all the obstacles of lust, envy, anger, pride and illusion. The mercy of Balaramji which flows through the spiritual master and previous acharyas is our only hope for overcoming these insurmountable obstacles.  He said that we can also pray to Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Balaramji, to awaken in our hearts genuine feelings of loving surrender and to grant us the supreme benediction of tasting the nectar of the Holy Names.