The Second Coronation at Govinda Kunda

Indra prays to krishna

Something beautiful happened after demigods headed by Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Indra performed abhishek of Lord Krishna at Govinda Kunda. Here is Radhanath Swami’s narration:

“Lord Brahma came to be the head priest. Lord Shiva came to give his blessings, and with the permission of Shiva and the direction of Brahma, it is explained that Surabhi along with seven chaste women of the earth performed a beautiful abhishek ceremony to Lord Krishna. It was at that time that Brahma performed aarti and put a crown on His head and formerly declared that Krishna is the Supreme Indra. He is the Lord of all Universes. After the demigods completed the worship, they offered their obeisances and returned to their respectable abodes.

“Krishna was sitting here on a beautiful throne at Govinda Kunda. At that time the cowherd boys looking for their cows, came by. They saw Krishna sitting very beautifully, and they saw all of the puja paraphernalia of the demigods. So the cowherd boys picked them up, and they started offering aartis and puja to Krishna: fanning Him and holding the umbrellas, offering incense and lamps, singing beautiful songs. When the demigods looked down and saw this, they were totally ashamed seeing the type of devotion, the simple and spontaneous love of the cowherd boys. They realized that they, the demigods, have no devotion at all. Seeing these little children worshipping Krishna with such pure love—they were dancing, they were singing so sweetly—the demigods in their heart of hearts worshipped the lotus feet of the gopas of Vrindavan.

At that time Nanda Maharaj also came by and he saw all that was going on. He asked where all this beautiful paraphernalia came from, and what was happening? Sridama explained, ‘We were searching for our cows and we came here, and we just found all this beautiful paraphernalia.’ Madhumangal explained, ‘When we came, we saw something unbelievable. There was this cow talking to Krishna, and then we saw this man with thousands of eyes on his body offering his obeisances. Then we saw a man with four heads, and another man with five heads offering their prayers. Then we saw this big, big, big elephant pouring water on Krishna from the river Ganges. And we saw this beautiful cow giving unlimited, unlimited quantities of milk to bathe Krishna with.’ At that time a celestial voice came from the sky. It was the voice of the demigods and they told Nanda Maharaj, ‘ Just as we have coroneted Krishna as “Govinda”, you should coronate Krishna as the Lord of Braja.

So the Brajwasis performed a beautiful abhishek for Krishna here at Govinda Kunda, and Yashodamayi offered the arti.”

– Radhanath Swami