Nimai breaks everything at Home

Pastimes of Nimai

Radhanath Swami describes how little Nimai used to perform pastimes of mischief in his childhood days:

One day Sachi Mata left the house and nobody was around, so little Nimai in the spirit of Gopal, no one was looking, he stood up and no one could see him. Then he ran over to a pot of ghee, picked it up and smashed it on the floor. Then he went to a pot of butter, threw it against the wall. Then he went to a pot of rice and started throwing the rice on the ceiling, on the floor, on the walls, then he saw a pot of dhal and started scattering it out all over the place. He was throwing everything everywhere. He was running all over the house. And Saci devi was coming back and he heard her foot prints and immediately he laid down in a helpless condition and began to cry. Saci devi hearing her child crying she ran in and saw him laying there, exactly in the same place she left him. She looked around and saw, all the food in the house was thrown everywhere. She started talking to the neighboring ladies and started asking, “What happened, how can this be?” Then they all started talking about it. They came to the conclusion that a demon must have come to kill Nimai, but because Nimai is so pious, and because the family has chanted so many mantras for his protection, the demons could not harm him, so they were so angry that they threw and broke everything in the house. And as they were speaking, Nimai was smiling. They began to chant special mantras, pour Ganges waters on his limbs to protect him from further dangers.

– Radhanath Swami