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Radhanath Swami On Perceiving Vrindavan

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Perceiving Vrindavan :

Conditioned by mundane vision one might be misled to think of Vrindavan as an ordinary place, but the shatras explain that the dham is covered by a thin covering of material energy so as to keep the materialists and those interested in mundane sense gratification away. But the Lord, His abode, His Pastimes are revealed to one whose eyes are anointed with the salve of pure love. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur would say one should see the dham through one’s ears. HHRNS clarifies:

“Vrindavan is the eternal abode of the Lord where He eternally performs various wonderful pastimes with His devotees. But one cannot perceive Vrindavan by these fleshly eyes, one can see Vrindavan only by eyes anointed with love for Krishna. We have to understand Vrindavan with faith in words of guru, sadhu and sastra. By having faith in those words one can penetrate the apparent dualities and understand what is the truth. This covering is only an illusion but Vrindavan is the eternal abode of the Lord.”    [Vrindavan Yatra 1998]


Being in Vrindavan :

“According to Srila Rupa Goswami one of the most important items of devotional service is, to stay in a holy place like Mathura, Jagannath Puri etc. Over hundreds of years many devotees in the past have expressed their desire to reside near Govardhan and Krishna accepts the sincerity of the devotees’ offering. Residing in Vrindavan means to keep Vrindavan in our hearts. On the other hand, even if we are physically present in Vrindavan but are engaged in money making, gossiping etc. than we are not really in Vrindavan. Our consciousness is the substance of our identity. And we may be anywhere in the world but if we keep Vrindavan in our hearts than we are actually in

Vrindavan. Krishna never steps out of Vrindavan, so if we are remembering Krishna in the spirit of service and devotion than we are actually in Vrindavan.”

[Vrindavan Yatra 1998] – Radhanath Swami

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