Radhanath Swami on Beautiful reciprocations

Devotees’ hearts were charmed by the sweet sound of His flute. But Madhumangal became very worried. He said, “Gopal, please stop playing Your flute, because if Giriraj hears this flute, He might go into ecstasy and faint. And if He faints and fall off Your finger, we will all be crushed to death. Also when You play Your flute, liquid objects become solid. And solid objects become liquid. If Giriraj listens to Your flute, he might melt into ecstasy, and if he does, we will all drown to death.”

Another cowherd boy said, “Giriraj is a very elevated great soul. And will certainly be patient and control His ecstatic symptoms for the sake of all of us. So, there is nothing to fear.”

One Vrajavasi spoke to Srimati Radharai. He said, “Radharani, please. You are the essence of all beauty. Please do not move your eyebrows. Because Krishna is gazing at everybody, if He also gazes at you, if He sees you move your eyebrows, He may tremble in ecstasy and Giriraj will fall off from His finger.”

Then Krishna actually happened to glance on Srimati Radharani and His finger trembled. Instantly all the cowherd men took their sticks, and they put it under the hill to hold it up. Thousands and thousands of gopas – they are all holding, with all their might they are pushing. And Madhumangal laughed, He said to the older cowherd men, “what are you doing?”, He said, “Krishna doesn’t need your help. The most all of you are doing now is just scratching the bottom of Govardhan hill with your sticks. Please understand that my friend Krishna is the younger brother of the all powerful Balarama. He doesn’t need any of your help.” And Krishna was smiling. Krishna said to Madhumangal, “Why are you saying like this to them?” He said, “They are offering Me loving service in their parental affection of vatsalya rasa. They are holding their sticks like that in their parental love. Why are you interfering? Let them do. Let them think like this.”

Meanwhile, for mother Yasoda, it was very intolerable. For all this time, Krishna didn’t eat anything. She was saying, “Krishna, You must be hungry. Look at Your stomach, it’s all caved in. And Your face, it looks like a lotus flower in a snow storm of the winter. This is unbearable for me to see. Please, I have very soft creamy cakes for You to eat. Please eat them. And Your friends could eat them too.” When Madhumangal heard this, he said, “Krishna, what Your mother is saying is correct. You need to eat and so do I.” So, Yasoda mayi was saying, “Please remove Your flute from Your mouth so You need to eat and so do we”. So Yashoda mayi was saying, “Please, Please remove Your flute from Your mouth, so I can put some food in Your mouth.”

In this way the lifting of Govardhan Hill was the fulfilment of all the desires of all the Vrajvasis.

It is explained that outside there was lightening, and there was thunder, and there was massive rain. Under the mountain, there was another type of rainstorm. Krishna was like the dark cloud, with His Shyamsundar complexion, Ghanashyam. Ghanashyam means His complexion is like a dark rain cloud. And the gopis, their beautiful golden complexion was like lightening, and Krishna’s charming beauty was like rainstorm. And His peacock feather was like the rainbow, and His Kastubha Mani, the jewel on His chest, was like the sun. It was a storm, of ecstatic loving relationships, under Govardhan hill.