Bhakta Vatsala Krishna

Among all the inconceivable potencies of Krishna, the most powerful one is His affection for His devotees, bhakta vatsalya. Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakura calls this quality of Krishna as the crest jewel of all the infinite good qualities He possesses. Krishna can fulfill limitless purposes through His pastimes. Through the Govardhan lila, Krishna showed how He… Continue reading Bhakta Vatsala Krishna

Radhanath Swami on Putana

Later when Nanda Maharaj had gone to Mathura to pay his taxes, he met Vasudeva. Vasudeva told Nanda Maharaja to get back to Gokul really soon to take care of his two children. Meanwhile Kamsa called for his allies to help him kill the child who would be the cause of his death. Many of them… Continue reading Radhanath Swami on Putana

Radhanath Swami on Loving Exchanges

In Gokul, Nanda Maharaja organized a beautiful festival to celebrate the birth of his child. That festival became famous as Nandotasava. The Vrajvasis were exchanging love by throwing butter, yogurt and ghee on each other. For the Vrajvasis, these milk products were gifts of God and hence most precious. By these loving exchanges they were… Continue reading Radhanath Swami on Loving Exchanges

Radhanath Swami on Beautiful reciprocations

Devotees’ hearts were charmed by the sweet sound of His flute. But Madhumangal became very worried. He said, “Gopal, please stop playing Your flute, because if Giriraj hears this flute, He might go into ecstasy and faint. And if He faints and fall off Your finger, we will all be crushed to death. Also when… Continue reading Radhanath Swami on Beautiful reciprocations

Radhanath Swami on Giriraj accepts the offerings of Vrajavasis

Krishna bowed down and offered His obeisances to Giriraj, the supreme servant of all the devotees and in this way Krishna revealed the supreme glories of Giriraj to the whole world for all time to come. Krishna is telling all His devotees to completely depend on the mercy of His devotees. Vrajvasis offered a huge… Continue reading Radhanath Swami on Giriraj accepts the offerings of Vrajavasis

Krishna subdues Kaliya

During one of his pilgrimages to Vrindavana, Radhanath Swami gave a graphic description of the poisoning of the Kaliya Lake and the defeat of Kaliya at the hands of Krishna. Kaliya alongwith his wives was living inside a big lake within Yamuna. Radhanath Swami juxtaposed Kaliya with a burning ball of the fire in the… Continue reading Krishna subdues Kaliya

Jihva Mandir

On the backside of the sila we can still see the markings of workers tools

One can also visit the temple called Jihva mandir on the bank of Radha-kunda. Describing the appearance of this beautiful temple, Radhanath Swami elaborates, “Raghunath Das Goswami wanted to dig a well so that the Vrajvasis would not wash their clothes in Radha-Kunda. While digging the well the workers hit upon a rock and blood… Continue reading Jihva Mandir