Radhanath Swami on Giriraj accepts the offerings of Vrajavasis


Krishna bowed down and offered His obeisances to Giriraj, the supreme servant of all the devotees and in this way Krishna revealed the supreme glories of Giriraj to the whole world for all time to come. Krishna is telling all His devotees to completely depend on the mercy of His devotees.

Vrajvasis offered a huge feast to Giriraj. There were mountains of preparations and lakes of liquid bhoga. Giriraj extended His huge arms and accepted everything that was offered. After everything was over Giriraj demanded more and called out in a thunderous voice “aniyor”, “aniyor”. The Vrajvasis were perplexed, they had nothing left. So one Brahmin offered a tulasi leaf and Giriraj was finally satisfied. Krishna is not concerned with the quantity but the content of love and devotion in our offerings.

Being part and parcel of Krishna that’s what we are all looking for – love and affection. We are all longing to love. Sometimes our mentality becomes corrupted by ego and so many other distractions and we want money, we want ornamentation, we want a healthy body, we want fame, we want prestige, we want power, we want position, we want this enjoyment or that enjoyment. Different people enjoy different types of sensations. But ultimately the only thing we want is affection. We need to give affection. We need to receive affection. That’s all, simple affection and Vrindavan is the place of simplest affection. Krishna is bhavagrahi and He accepts our intent of devotion in all activities that we do.

After that Giriraj manifested all of that mountains of bhoga, which was now Giriraj’s mahaprasad. Krishna then told the Vrajvasis to distribute that Prasad to everyone.

– Radhanath Swami