Radhanath Swami on Lord Caitanya approaches His associates

One day, Lord Caitanya was sitting with His devotees and He spoke in a very mysterious way which no one but Lord Nityananda understood. Lord Caitanya said, “I have come to give the medicine – pippalikhanda – to reduce the excess mucus due to their disease. But what I see is that the mucus and the disease are increasing.” After saying this Lord Caitanya began to laugh very loudly.

Nityananda Prabhu understood the Lord’s heart but He didn’t say anything. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu then took Nityananda Prabhu to a secluded place and revealed His heart. The Lord said that, “I have come to deliver the fallen souls of this Kali yuga. But now, just the opposite is happening. It appears that I have come to destroy them all. I have come to sever the rope of material bondage from these people. But now, I see that since I am here, they are bound by millions and millions of ropes. Tomorrow I am going to shave My head. I am going to take a begging bowl. And I am going to become a sannyasi. And then all these people who are against Me, they will bow down to Me. And in doing so, they will be relieved of their sins. And then, by My grace, I will give them pure bhakti, deliver them. Nityananda Prabhu, I can only do this if You give Me Your permission. You know why We have descended into this world. You know what Our mission is. Please give Me Your permission to become a sannyasi. And I know You will. Because You know My heart.”

Nityananda Prabhu was speechless; He didn’t know what to say. Finally He said that since Lord Caitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead no one can forbid Him from doing anything. But He requested the Lord to please inform other devotees about His idea and take their opinion. While Lord Caitanya left to go and meet other devotees, Nityananda prabhu wept incessant tears thinking about the pain that mother Saci had to undergo.

Lord Caitanya then went to the place of Mukunda Dutt. Mukunda Dutt offered his obeisances and began to sing very sweet Kirtan. While dancing Lord Caitanya suddenly became very sober and told Mukunda about His decision to take sannayas. Upon hearing this Mukunda fell unconscious after he came to consciousness he requested the Lord to stay for few more days.

Lord Caitanya then went to the place of Gadadhar. Gadadhar was known for being very mild and very patient. Lord Caitanya told Gadadhar that He was going to accept the renounced order of life. Gadadhar could not contain himself. He said, “Where in the scriptures does it say that one has to leave his wife and his mother and his family to become a sannyasi to attain Krishna? Where does it say that? Is this a religious principle? You think you will attain Krishna by just merely shaving your head? Why not remain in householder life and be an example to the human population. The Vedas don’t support your ideas. And how can You abandon Your mother? She is a widow, she has no support. She has nothing but You. If You take sannyasa, the first thing that you will accomplish, is you will be the cause of the death of Your own mother and You will be fully responsible for Saci Devi’s death”. Gadadhar said, “But, you are the independent Supreme Personality of Godhead, You do whatever You want to do”.

A great saint named Keshav Bharati Maharaj, came to Navadwip. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, met him and invited him to His home. Lord Caitanya served him very humbly, and in seclusion Lord Caitanya spoke to him and begged him to give Him sannyasa.

Being an elevated devotee Keshav Bharati could understand that Lord Caitanya is the Supreme Lord and therefore He agreed to fulfill whatever He desired. When Saci mata saw her son speaking to a sannyasi, she was very alarmed. She remembered how Vishvarupa was always at the home of Advaita Acarya and finally he took sannyasa.

– Radhanath Swami

Lord chaitanya and Lord Nityananda