Radhanath Swami on Lord Gauranga pacifies His associates

Nimai takes sannyas

Lord Caitanya told the devotees that, “I am going to take sannyasa because I am searching for the treasure of love of Krishna and when I gain that treasure of love of Krishna, I am going to come back and share it with all of you.” Srivas replied that, “None of us would be alive without You.” Devotees were in deep anguish of separation.

Lord Caitanya wanted to pacify their hearts. He said “Please know, I will never leave You. I cannot leave You. You have conquered My heart. My love is for you always. I can never leave you.” Lord told them that He would reunite with them and chant & dance. Lord promised them that whenever they would sincerely chant the holy names and worship the deity with devotion He would always be with them.

Then Lord Caitanya told Mukunda to have kirtan. The kirtan was so wonderful that all the devotees forgot that He was taking sannyasa. The Lord mesmerized them and told them, “To teach the world and for the sake of humanity and all of their suffering I must do this. But birth after birth you are My associates, we will never be separated.”

– Radhanath Swami

Nimai takes sannyas