Radhanath Swami on Vishnupriya’s grief

Vishnupriya, the wife of the Lord, the daughter of Sanatana Mishra, she was at her father’s house and she happened to hear these rumors about Lord Gaurasundar taking sannyasa. So she rushed back to the house of Saci Devi, and she saw the lamentable, pitiable condition of her mother-in- law Saci Devi. She went into the room and she found Nimai. She went to the foot of His bed and with her tender lotus like hands she massaged Nimai’s lotus feet. Tears were pouring from her eyes. In her heart she was feeling that, “Is it right, there is so much suffering, all over the world and I alone am enjoying unlimited unending happiness. Is that right”? But the thought of not having her husband was unbearable. She was gazing at His beautiful moon like face as He was sleeping. Tears were showering from her lotus like eyes and they fell on the lotus feet of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Lord woke up and said, “Vishnupriya, why are you sad, Why are you crying? I am here”.

Vishunupriya said that, “I have heard that you are going to take sannyasa, and you are going to leave home, this is crushing my heart.” She felt like giving up her life. She said, “If You leave me everything will be finished.” Then she expressed her concern for Saci mata.

With deep affection Lord Caitanya spoke to her, “He told her that in this world everything is temporary. By the arrangement of the supreme Lord we have relationships and by the arrangement of destiny those relationships are inevitably broken, that is the nature of this world. The only eternal truths are Krishna and the Vaishnavas. Krishna is the soul of all souls. Your name is Vishnupriya, very dear to Lord Vishnu, worship Lord Krishna, chant Krishna’s name and always be in the association of devotes.”

Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu manifested a four handed Narayana form to Vishnupriya and she saw that form and realized that, “He is the Lord of my life, He is the Paramatma dwelling in my heart.”

Still her love overpowered her and she spoke, “My dear Gauranga, please do not be cruel to Saci Devi. If You leave Your mother not only will she be totally devastated, but people will speak ill of You. I can understand now that I am an obstacle on your spiritual progress. I promise You that from this day on, I will go to live with my father. You will never see me again. Or I will drink poison and take my life, if I am obstruction to you.”

“Please understand My Mission. Do not be selfish. Throughout the world humanity is suffering. I am taking sannyasa to give them the joy of Krishna Consciousnes.

Lord Caitanya told Vishnupriya, “Please understand My Mission. Do not be selfish. Throughout the world humanity is suffering. I am taking sannyasa to give them the joy of Krishna Consciousness. Give me permission to do so. I will promise you, whenever you chant my names you will see Me personally within your heart, that is My love for you and that is your love for Me.”

Vishnupriya said to the Lord, “My Lord, you are the independent Lord of all. According to your sweet will, please do whatever pleases you. I will not obstruct you.”

– Radhanath Swami