Bhakta Vatsala Krishna

Krishna - Bhakta vatsala

Among all the inconceivable potencies of Krishna, the most powerful one is His affection for His devotees, bhakta vatsalya. Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakura calls this quality of Krishna as the crest jewel of all the infinite good qualities He possesses. Krishna can fulfill limitless purposes through His pastimes. Through the Govardhan lila, Krishna showed how He always protects His devotees. In this pastime He protected many devotees. He protected Indra from his false pride. Where there is false pride, the will to serve with devotion is crippled. It is the most powerful enemy of true devotional service. 

When Krishna wants to teach lessons to the whole world, He does it through very powerful people. Krishna wanted to protect Indra from false pride because it was impeding the very purpose of his life. At the same time He wanted to protect all the Vrajavasis by giving them an experience that all of them had yearned for – to be with Krishna for seven days and seven nights. Krishna also thought, “My devotees should know that I am the cause of all causes and the source of all incarnations. They should not be distracted by the worship of the demigods.” In Vrindavan, demigods are worshipped but only for developing love for Krishna and enhancing one’s Krishna consciousness.

– Radhanath Swami

Krishna - Bhakta  vatsala