Radhanath Swami on Fighting mass distraction

Mass Disraction

In this world, we have forgotten Krishna because we are endlessly distracted. A prominent professor at Princeton University said, “The problem with the world that we live in today is that everyone is being conquered by the weapons of mass distraction.”

Maya is constantly conquering us birth after birth

through distraction.And what is that distraction?

She bewilders us making us think ‘I’m the enjoyer,

the controller and the proprietor.’

We are looking for love but we are trying to find it through superficial temporary pleasures of this world. Even if one takes to the spiritual path, these distractions do not stop. In fact, often they are intensified. But on the path of Bhakti, the more they are intensified, the more we realize that we only have one shelter – Krishna’s mercy. The only hope of overcoming these unlimited distractions is to develop a higher taste parama drstva nivartate. This higher taste is most precious. The whole world is conquered by madana, but madana is bewildered by Krishna. When we take shelter of Krishna, He reveals Himself to us by His mercy and then we could rise above the temptations of this material existence.

– Radhanath Swami