Radhanath Swami on Name giving ceremony of Krishna

Naming ceremony of krishna

Vasudeva secretly called his family priest Garga Muni and requested him to perform the name giving ceremony of the two sons of Nanda Maharaj. Garga Muni came to Gokul and Nanda Maharaj happily received him. On being requested by Nanda Maharaj to perform the name giving ceremony, Garga Muni warned him, “If Kamsa comes to know that the priest of the Yadu dynasty has performed the name giving ceremony of your children, he would know for certain that the child meant to kill him is here in Mahavan and he may try to harass you.”

But Nanda Maharaj didn’t want to lose this opportunity. He suggested that they could conduct the ceremony without any celebrations in a cow shed. Garga Muni agreed and the ceremony was performed.

Garga Muni said, “This child of Rohini and Vasudev shall be known as Rama because of His ability to give ecstatic spiritual pleasure. He will display incredible spiritual strength and therefore one of His names will be Baldeva. And because He is bringing the families of Vasudev and Nanda together, He will also be called as Sankarsan.”

Garga Muni then said that the other child had appeared earlier in white, red and golden yellowish colors. Now He appeared in a dark bluish color like a monsoon cloud. This child would bring about all auspiciousness and awaken the greatest happiness in everyone’s heart. He has many names, because He performs so many incredible pastimes. In the past he was the son of Vasudeva and thus one of His names is Väsudeva. Garga Muni warned Nanda Maharaj to protect the children very carefully.

– Radhanath Swami

Naming ceremony of krishna