Radhanath Swami on Rupa Goswami in Puri

Jagannath PuriRupa Goswami came to Vrindavan and met Subuddhi Raya. He took Rupa Goswami to the twelve forests of Vrindavan. Later Rupa Goswami went to Puri with the hope of meeting Sanatana Goswami, but Sanatana Goswami went by one road and Rupa Goswami went by another and they missed each other.

In Puri Rupa Goswami stayed at Haridas Thakur’s siddha bakula. They never even attempted to enter Jagannath temple because they saw themselves unqualified. So Lord Caitanya gave them a place where they could see the chakra and worship Jagannath in that form. Every single day Lord Caitanya would bring Jagannath’s mahaprasad and personally offer it to them.


Understanding the heart

Lord Chaitanya and Rupa GoswamiDuring the ratha yatra, Rupa Goswami heard Lord Caitanya singing a verse which appeared just like a conversation between a young boy and a young girl. Rupa Goswami wrote a commentary on this verse, kept it on the roof of Haridas Thakur’s hut and went to take his bath. Meanwhile Lord Caitanya came there and read that verse. He was struck with wonder and asked Swaroop Damodar Goswami,“How could Rupa Goswami understand the confidential feelings of My heart?” Swaroopa Damodar Goswami said, “It is because You have showered Your mercy upon him.” Lord Caitanya confirmed this and said, “While in Prayag, seeing the genuine humility of Rupa Goswami, I empowered him to completely understand My heart.” When Rupa Goswami came back to the hut, he bowed down to Lord Caitanya and Lord Caitanya asked him, “How did you know My mind?” Rupa Goswami didn’t say anything and out of love, Lord Caitanya gently slapped him.

Another day Lord Caitanya visited Rupa Goswami and saw a particular verse he had written. Just seeing the handwriting of Rupa Goswami, Lord Caitanya was intoxicated. He said,“Your hand writing is as beautiful as rows of pearls.” And then He read the verse. “I do not know how much nectar the two syllable krs-na have produced. When I chant the name of krs-na I wish I had many many tongues, when that name enters my ears I desire millions and millions of ears and when it enters my heart it conquers my mind and my senses become inert.” Hearing this Haridas Thakur went into ecstasy. He had never heard anything so beautiful and comprehensive in glorification of the holy name.

The Lord along with His most confidential associates unanimously established Rupa Goswami as the personality who was empowered to lead the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya and therefore Gaudiya Vaishnavas identify themselves as Rupanugas, those who follow the teachings and the footsteps of Sri Rupa Goswami.

– Radhanath Swami