Radhanath Swami on Krishna As Complete Form of God

Yasoda mayi took such special milk for Krishna and when it was boiling over she placed Krishna aside and went to save the milk. But Krishna did not care for that special milk, He wanted mother Yasoda’s milk.

The Supreme Absolute truth, who is the source of everything, is crying as a baby. He takes pleasure being defeated by His devotees. In other conceptions of God or other incarnations of God they destroy the demons, protects their devotees but they do not cry like a baby or get defeated by their devotees. Krishna is special because He protects His devotees, destroys the demons but at the same time can cry like a baby, be defeated by His devotees. This is the complete form of God.

Krishna likes to taste the milk from Mother Yasoda instead of that special milk. But where did Yasoda mayi gets that milk from? She eats the grains from Govardhan hill and the milk from Surabhi cows. So everyone is somehow or other engaged in serving and feeding Krishna.

– Radhanath Swami

Mother Yasoda with Krishna