Radhanath Swami on Krishna As Complete Form of God

Yasoda mayi took such special milk for Krishna and when it was boiling over she placed Krishna aside and went to save the milk. But Krishna did not care for that special milk, He wanted mother Yasoda’s milk. The Supreme Absolute truth, who is the source of everything, is crying as a baby. He takes… Continue reading Radhanath Swami on Krishna As Complete Form of God

Killing of Pralambhasura and Vatsasura

Bhandirvan is also the place which witnessed various playful games amongst Krishna and His cowherd boyfriends. Once while playing hide and seek, the cowherd boys had divided themselves into two teams and it was decided that the loosing team members would have to carry the winners on their backs. That day one of Kamsa’s evil… Continue reading Killing of Pralambhasura and Vatsasura

The Mentality of Arishtasura

Radhanath Swami, during the Kartik Yatra of 1998, very graphically explained how Krishna killed the demon named Arishtasura, who was sent by the evil Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama. Radhanath Swami then drew parallels between the demoniac mentality of Arishtasura and the mentality of the people in general in Kaliyuga. Radhanath Swami: Arishtasura… Continue reading The Mentality of Arishtasura