Radhanath Swami On A Spiritual Vision

As he grew a little older, this longing to go to Vrindavan became more and more intensified. He would cry longing for the mercy of the Lord and all of His associates. One night he had a vision of Lord Caitanya and His associates performing an ecstatic harinam sankirtan. Suddenly the dream ended and Jiva Goswami woke up. He wanted to be back there in the spiritual world with the Lord. It was as if some one in poverty for many years had been given huge amounts of wealth and then all of a sudden the entire wealth was lost. Jiva Goswami was yearning and longing for the dream to carry on and he fell unconscious. Then he had another vision. His deities of Krishna Balarama, mercifully glancing upon Jiva Goswami, transformed into Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda. Lord Caitanya spoke to Jiva Goswami, “I am entrusting you under the care of Lord Nityananda. From this day on you are His property.” Lord Nityananda spoke to Jiva Goswami, “It is My wish that you make Lord Caitanya your life and soul, your everything”, and then the dream ended. From that day there was nothing that could keep Jiva Goswami home.

– Radhanath Swami

Jiva Goswami and Lord Nityananda