Radhanath Swami on Mood in the Spiritual World

Mood of Spiritual World

Radharani declares Govardhan hill to be the best of the servant. Govardhan not only provide nutritious grasses for the cows but also cool nectarine lakes of fresh water. These lakes represents Govardhan’s tears of ecstasy in serving Krishna and His devotees. When the cows and the gopas taste that nectarine water they get intoxicated and this intoxication is not like intoxication of this world or even somarasa. This intoxication makes them intoxicated with love for Krishna and for all other devotees of Krishna.

Govardhan provides nice caves for Krishna to perform various wonderful pastimes. They are bedecked with many jewels and are cool in summer and warm in winter. Radha and Krishna enjoy Their most intimate pastimes of spiritual love in these caves of Govardhan. Experiencing this, Giriraj goes in ecstasy and seeing His ecstasy Radha and Krishna Their ecstasy increases.

This ever increasing ecstasy is the nature of the spiritual world. Then why are we trying to be happy with the temporary thrills of this material world. They appear good for some time. But even if it is good, the mind is in anxiety for something else. And we know it’s going to end, and then it ends, sometimes it ends in a drastic way, and sometimes, it just ends in a sorrowful way.

The best way to serve and please Krishna is to serve and please His devotees and make them happy. Govardhan knows this secret and makes all of the residents of Vrindavan happy and therefore Radharani declares Govardhan as best of Krishna’s servants.

“To be the servant of the servant of the servant is the mood of Goloka Vrindavan.”

To be the servant of the servant of the servant is the mood of Goloka Vrindavan. In the spiritual world, everyone is a servant. Krishna is saying, “I am the servant of the cows.” And the cows are thinking, “I am the servant of Krishna and everyone else.” And the gopas are thinking, “I am servant of Krishna and the cows.” And everyone is in that mood.

To be the servant of the servant of the servant of the servant is what Goloka Vrindavan is and will always be. When Lord Caitanya is saying gopé-bhartur pada-kamalayor däsa-däsa-däsa- däsänudäsa, He is telling us if you accept this mood of being the servant of the servant of the servant, you are in Goloka Vrindavan today. If you are feeling it in the heart and acting and speaking in this consciousness, it is guaranteed that you will be promoted to Goloka Vrindavan.

– Radhanath Swami

Mood of Spiritual World