Radhanath Swami – Twin Arjuna trees

Twin Arjuna trees

Yashoda mayi then went to perform her duties and Krishna began to plot to do something more mischievous. Krishna saw the Yamala Arjuna trees in the courtyard. These trees were ancient and gigantic with very deep roots.

They were the two sons of Kuvera who were cursed by Narada. Sukadev Goswami explains that Manigriva and Nalkuvera were very wealthy, beautiful, learned, famous, young and they became very proud of their opulences. Once in the Mandakini Ganga as they were enjoying with young ladies with no clothes on their bodies, Narada Muni arrived. Upon seeing the great sage, the ladies immediately put on their clothes but the two sons of Kuvera did not pay any attention.

Queen Kunti prays that the greatest disqualification for spiritual life is a high birth, physical beauty, extravagant wealth and high education. Why are these disqualifications? Because they make one proud.

When we are proud we make offences to others, because we think we are superior to others. It is our ego that destroys our service attitude and therefore we cannot feelingly cry out the holy names. 

Lord Caitanya taught that the highest goal is Prema Bhakti and it is given to us when we are in the spirit of gopi bhartur pada kamalayor das das dasanudas – servant of the servants of the servants. Lord Caitanya defeated the greatest opposition that came His way by taking a humble position. 

He showed us that unless we humbly cry out God’s names we have no power against maya. 

Seeing their arrogant disposition, Narada muni cursed them to become trees in Gokul Mahavan and stand naked for thousands of years. Krishna wanted to honor the words of His devotee, Narada. He began to crawl towards the Arjuna trees and as He was passing in the space between the trees, the wooden grinding mortar got stuck. Krishna gently pulled the mortar and with a

tumultuous sound the twin trees crashed to the ground. Manigriva and Nalakuvera came out of the trees and offered beautiful prayers. Krishna blessed them and sent them in their perfected spiritual states back to their abodes.

Upon hearing what had happened Yashoda mayi fell unconscious. Nanda Maharaj untied Krishna and took Him on his lap. When mother Yashoda heard that her little Gopal doesn’t want to see her, she felt great distress. Mother Rohini came and told Krishna that mother Yashoda is dying of separation from Him. Upon hearing this Krishna immediately jumped off Nanda Maharaj’s lap and ran to mother Yashoda.

The Lord performed this pastime to show the world that when we do not want wealth, power, fame, followers, liberation from suffering or even elevation to Vaikuntha; when all we want is to please Krishna and please Krishna’s devotees, Krishna is bound. He is conquered by our love. 

Srila Prabhupada travelled the world around 12 times just to share this most precious blessing with all of us. Let us sincerely offer our humble prayers to Sri Damodar and our gratitude to Srila Prabhupada and all our great acharyas. Let us pray to make Prema Bhakti as the single treasure of our hearts. And let us express our gratitude and celebrate our good fortune by filling the world with the holy name.

– Radhanath Swami

Twin Arjuna trees