Descent of Govardhan


According to Garg samhita, one day in Goloka Vrindavan Lord Krishna informed his eternal consort Srimati Radharani that she should now appear on earth as it was time for them to perform their pastimes within the material world. Radharani replied unless Vraja Dham, the Yamuna, and Govardhan Hill were present there, she would not be happy. Krishna then informed that she need not worry, as Vraja dham, along with the Yamuna and Govardhan Hill had already appeared on earth. In the words of Radhanath Swami: “That king of mountains Giriraj descended in the Himalayas as the son of Dronachala.

When Govardhan took birth all the mountains understanding their good fortune that the very playground of Lord Krishna has appeared amongst them, worshipped Govardhan Hill. And the demigods showered flowers upon Giriraj. One day Pulatsya Muni was traveling and he came upon this Govardhan Hill. He requested Giriraj’s father Dronachala that, “In my place of Bhajan, Varanasi there are no mountains, but this Govardhan is such beautiful mountain, I desire to take Govardhan to Varanasi to do my worship”. So with the very heavy heart of imminent separation Dronachala gave his permission. But Govardhan made a condition that, “I will go with you, but anywhere you place Me to the ground, I will not move from that place”.

A view of Govardhan Hill So Pulatsya Muni began his journey. By Govardhan’s blessings and by his mystic powers he was able to carry him. But Govardhan came to this world only to assist Krishna in his divine pastimes in Vrindavan. So, therefore as Pulatsya Muni was passing by Braj Bhumi by the will of the Supersoul within his heart he had an unbearable urge to respond to the call of nature. Thus he had to place Govardhan down. And he performed his duties, he washed his hands, then he went to lift Govardhan, but he would not move! So he tried with all of his strength, but Govardhan would not move. He became very upset and he cursed Govardhan that, “Everyday You will reduce in size the length of a mustard seed”. This took place in Satya Yuga. At that time Govardhan Hill was miles and miles high. But actually Govardhan was very happy to receive this curse as a blessing, because for Krishna to perform his pastimes on such an immense mountain with snowcap peaks in the clouds would have not been very pleasing.

So he very graciously reduced His size so that at the time of Lord Krishna, Govardhan Hill at places was about two miles high. And now it’s highest point it is about 80 feet tall. “[Vrindavan yatra, 1998]

– Radhanath Swami