Radhanath Swami on Krishna eating dirt

One day the gopas complained to mother Yashoda that they saw Krishna eating dirt in a secluded place. Yashoda became very worried and asked Krishna why He had eaten dirt. Krishna said, “I didn’t eat dirt. All of them are speaking lies.” Yashoda mayi said, “If you didn’t eat dirt, then let me look into Your mouth.” How is it that the Absolute Truth tells lies? The Absolute Truth cannot tell lies. But as a baby, Krishna is increasing the vatsalya rasa of his mother. That reciprocation of intimate love on the liberated platform is the highest truth.

Lord Krishna opened His mouth and mother Yashoda could see all the planets, living entities and the demigods. She saw the Viratrupa. Seeing such an extraordinary manifestation of Lord Krishna’s opulences she began to think whether she was dreaming or was under illusion.

Srila Prabhupada explains that when we are bewildered by a situation, where we just cannot understand or figure out what is the logic behind it, a devotee simply takes shelter of the Supreme Lord. Srila Prabhupada explains that when inconceivable reversals and challenges come upon us, we may not be able to intellectually understand how or why they happen. In such a state, a devotee naturally takes shelter of the Lord. And the simplest way of finding that shelter is to call out for Krishna’s mercy by calling out His holy names.

Yashoda mayi began to pray to the Supreme Lord Narayana. When Lord Krishna saw her praying, He simply smiled at her and once again covered her with His Yogamaya potency.

– Radhanath Swami

Krishna eating dirt