Radhanath Swami on Krishna’s Mercy to Fruit Vendor

Krishna's mercy to fruit vendor

One day a fruit vendor came to Vrindavan. She was an uneducated tribal lady living in the forests. Little Gopal heard her selling fruits. He had seen His parents bartering grains for other goods. So He took a handful of grains and came running to the fruit vendor. As He was running, grains fell off His little hands and by the time He reached the vendor, there were hardly any grains left in His palms. The fruit vendor was so charmed upon seeing the beautiful form of little Gopal that she began to fill His hands with fruits. Gopal was very happy and He smiled at her.

“The success of any endeavor or occupation is that we please Krishna and Krishna is pleased by our devotion.”

The vendor’s leaf basket filled up with celestial jewels. The fruit vendor was so charmed by Krishna’s smile that all she wanted to do was give Krishna more fruits. She picked up the basket and did not even see what was inside as she ran home. When she did see the jewels, she cared nothing for them at all. She filled up her basket with fruits again and ran to Krishna’s home.

Meanwhile Krishna came up to mother Yashoda and said, “Look what I have! I have all these fruits.” And Yashoda mayi said, “Where did you get all these fruits from?” Gopal said, “There was a tribal lady selling fruits. I gave her some grains and she gave Me the fruits.” Yashoda mayi was concerned and she explained to little Gopal that He should not trust outsiders.

At that time the fruit vendor came back and Krishna ran outside just to satisfy her with His loving smile. Krishna brought back more fruits to Yashoda mayi and asked her to distribute them to everyone. However many fruits she gave away, there were always more fruits. In this way Krishna captured the heart of this simple lady. This is Bhakti. Krishna doesn’t care about what we have done or who we are, because ultimately we are all eternal souls. If we simply offer a little love to Lord Krishna, He reciprocates with an ocean of infinite love. Srila Prabhupada explains if we take one sincere step towards Krishna, Krishna is willing to run thousands of steps towards us. He just wants to see our sincerity.

Why should we be attached to the illusory jewels of this world which simply bind us to ego and attachment, when Krishna is eager to give us the crest jewel of all realization – the jewel of ecstatic love. 

When Lord Caitanya was in Varanasi He gave an analogy, “I am like a fruit seller distributing the fruits of love of God. I can’t distribute all these fruits alone. I will give any one of these fruits at the smallest price – the sincerity of willingness to accept them. I am asking all My devotees for all time to come to render the highest welfare work by helping Me distribute these fruits by promoting the chanting of the holy names.”

– Radhanath Swami

Krishna's mercy to fruit vendor