Mesmerizing Flute

When Lord Krishna plays upon His flute mountains melt and water becomes solid. Hearing the sweet sound of His flute, the trees blossom, cows and calves would become stunned, weeping in ecstasy, embracing Krishna in their hearts. When the gopas hear the sound of the flute they celebrate by playing and wrestling with Krishna. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained that when the sound of the flute… Continue reading Mesmerizing Flute

The Land of Loving Dealings

Yasoda mayi wanted to give a pair of shoes to Krishna, so that His feet would not be pricked by the sharp stones and thorns of the forest. However, Krishna said that He would accept the shoes only if she gives shoes for all the cows. Hearing this wonderful loving reciprocation, Mother Earth made the ground of Vrindavan very soft and… Continue reading The Land of Loving Dealings