Radhanath Swami on Putana

Later when Nanda Maharaj had gone to Mathura to pay his taxes, he met Vasudeva. Vasudeva told Nanda Maharaja to get back to Gokul really soon to take care of his two children. Meanwhile Kamsa called for his allies┬áto help him kill the child who would be the cause of his death. Many of them… Continue reading Radhanath Swami on Putana

Killing of Keshi demon at Keshi Ghat

Radhanath Swami narrated this beautiful pastime of Krishna killing the Keshi demon on one of his pilgrimages to Vrindavan as follows: Kamsa, maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, kept on sending many powerful mystic demons, the best of all in the universe like Putana, Shakatasura, Trinavrata, Aghasura, Bakasura, Vyomasura, Vastasura etc., to murder little child Krishna.… Continue reading Killing of Keshi demon at Keshi Ghat